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Software Solution and Technical Designing with High and Low-Level Documentation

Business Consulting Firm

Handling Multiple Projects, outlining objectives, planning execution, managing operations, and reporting on status.Marketing campaign, some possible goals the program manager might define include lead generation, raising brand awareness, and expanding the target market

The program manager’s role extends beyond the completion of individual projects and looks at the long term benefits of the whole program

Technology We use

Coordinates time, budget, and resources and delegates tasks across the team.The project manager reports to the program manager on progress and changes made to the initial project plan.Operational elements of the project such as meeting deadlines, staying within budget, and completing deliverables

Business Consulting solutions

We are using following Technologies

  • Microsoft Visio, Word and PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Database Diagram, Class Diagram
  • Object Relations Model (ORM)
  • Microsoft Project
  • JIRA
  • Smartsheet