CMS Development

Give your static website to next level and start using an awesome, dynamics CMS to maintain your online presence.

Are you make Responsive and Dynamic website with the latest open source content management system?

CMS (content management system) means you can manage whatever you want on your website by yourself without any third party support. You have complete freedom of choice on every detail of your site. Amartam offers its own CMS to which you subscribe to the system and any additional modules. If desired, the system can also be purchased. A website or intranet can be quickly ‘in the air’. But the proud owner of a website that is built from static pages (HTML) can soon expect some problems. Do you recognize this?

CMS allows you to publish data and documents on the Internet without performing technical operations. A functionality of a CMS is that data can be entered without layout, while the data are presented to visitors with a layout by using templates.

CMS is the separation between content and layout. The design and layout of the site is fixed in advance and the Content Management System is then used to modify, add and delete the contents of the site (via a user-friendly). Thus realizes and guarantees a uniform look of your website.

CMS Development

A good CMS should have the following features

CMS Development
  • cms developmentUser friendly Interface

    An graphical user interface and should be easy to understand and use, even to a non technical user.

  • best cms web development companyCustom Designing

    to custom designing of the frontend so that the website can have an unique look and feel based on industry.

  • cms web applicationsHighly Flexible

    Be highly extensible by allowing plug-ins, components and modules to build upon or add to basic features with all the advantages of scalability, continuity and broad support.

  • wordpress cms development companyNo Programming Needed

    Easy to use for non technical person and not need a programmer to set up and maintaining your CMS.

  • top cms web development companyOptimised

    Be optimized for speed, stability and SEO according to google, yahoo and bing.

  • php cms development companySecure

    Be secure and compatible with best practices and open standards.

  • cms website development24*7 Support

    24*7 phone, chat, email support and have user friendly documentation.

Amartam Provide CMS Development Services

Choose a great CMS to start with and design, development and deployment of your website will be easier than anything else.

There are a number of CMS in the market which is free, open source and have millions of users, like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal and have a lots of features.Based on clients requirements and user base, we focused on set of features which is good to startup own website.

We have the capabilities to develop website with different kind of CMS. At present, most of our CMS work is done on.

AMARTAM, your long term reliable CMS development partner.

Amartam builds for each customer an appropriate management solution which includes

  • cms developmentA quick and easy guide to manage websites and well prepared for search engine optimization (SEO) and social media.
  • cms web development companyCompatible with other applications.
  • cms website developmentThe website is easily available multilingual.
  • cms web development companyNo acquisition and licensing.
  • best cms web development companyNew browsers are fast and well supported.
  • best cms developmentQuickly and inexpensively add new functionality through publicly available plugins and modules.
  • cms web applications developmentComprises the desired functionality is not yet? Then, this can be easily added, by means of custom-made.
  • cms web applications developmentThere are very regular updates that increase the security and performance and add extra functionality for free.
  • cms web applications developmentSearch engine optimization is woven into modern open source CMS such as WordPress and Drupal, and is easy to expand further.
CMS Development

Our work on content management systems include product management, forum sites, blog management, social networking websites, portals and other sites that are focused on content.

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