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Engaged users and high conversion rates with an intuitive and non-intrusive user interface that are easy to access, understand, and use to facilitate those actions and a loyal user base.

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The most important thing in business communication is hearing. Communication is one of the most difficult aspects within a well running business. One wrong way to communicate and your customers are already looking very different from you.

A UX Designer is trying to find answers to all the questions that apply to the interaction between a user and the product. In addition, user will consider the commercial aspect. UX Design is an important part of any website. It’s the creative process that often goes hand-in-hand with the graphic design process. Many UX Designers can also good graphic design. UX Design is thus half science and half art.

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Why UX Design is always important

UX Design is more than just branding and web design. It must be completely correct, that the distinction between good and best. Design is about the overall structure of the website, the functionality and user experience. The design determines how your visitors travel through your website, and what you want them to experience.

We add value in using our UX Design Process

We believe a larger work coming from the understanding of how your users, visitors feel and behave, and above all what makes them tick. User interface design goes one step further than web design. Through years of experience in the design of interfaces of software applications (online and offline), you can confidently rely on us.

UX Design Strategy

  • list iconUser Experience Analysis
  • list iconFlexible Design Skills
  • list iconContent Strategy
  • list iconPersonas Presentation
  • list iconSketching Workshop
  • list iconBusiness Analysis & Product Management

UX Design Structure

  • list iconUsability Principles and Testing
  • list iconInformation Architecture
  • list iconUser Flows
  • list iconNavigation
  • list iconMid-Course Presentations
user experience design

AMARTAM, your long term reliable User Experience Design(UXD)

Amartam UXD designers are familiar with the latest web technologies like HTML5 and responsive web design. Our UXD designers are several ways seamlessly integrated into the development teams.

Functional Design

we analyze your needs and requirements and translate them into workable, functional components for our development or specifications for use by others.

Visual Design

we make a visual design of your website and pages that come close to the final product. Perfect for prototyping, because you get a good preview of the website or online application.

Agile Design

we focus on iterative functional and visual design for maximum efficiency winches. This means that only a draft of the things that are really needed at that particular time in the process.

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