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How Artificial Intelligence is Impacting Content Marketing

When machines have started thinking and performing various big roles then how it could lack behind in the world of digital marketing. Artificial intelligence is now becoming the great game changer in various industries including the content marketing. It has completely changed the way how business is carried out. Smartness and intelligence are now the two important pillars to stand a powerful business. AI is greatly assisting marketers in planning the smart content marketing strategies to achieve the outstanding market goals and one-to-one user experience.

Role of AI in Content Marketing

1. Content Automation

Artificial Intelligence offers the ultimate facility to generate content automatically. For basic short-form content like stock updates, sports reports etc, AI is greatly preferred to address the huge content demand of consumers. Many big brands like Samsung, Yahoo, Fox etc avail this benefit of Artificial Intelligence for the exact purpose.

2. Deploy Chatbots

The increasing demand for customized online experiences has become the major reason for the evolution of AI-powered chatbots. Chatbots are undoubtedly the great tools that are used to carry out mimic conversation with the customers. With the AI integration, more personalized communication platform can be observed. These chatbots are also used to send the promotional messages to the users and also act as a source of solving their queries.

3. Custom News Feed Algorithms

Artificial Intelligence is no more isolated with social networks as well. It enables such networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc to customize the users’ news feed algorithm. Now they need not have to see all the posts but only make out those for which they are interested in. Integrated with AI, social networking channels can excellently analyze numerous variables and, can predict which content users can like, comment or block. Such algorithms also enable users to see only those ads which they may like and interested in. Marketers can wisely use this feature to analyze users’ behavior and thus create similar content to gain large audience engagement.

4. Curate and Create Content

The high-quality content with the utmost relevancy is always preferred by the readers and publishers. For a large user engagement, it is very important to curate the relevant and engaging content. But to perform this task on the regular basis is not a piece of cake. To go with the most sought-after topic regularly is definitely a very hard task. Hence in this situation, AI plays a significant role. Many tools, integrated with artificial intelligence gives the ultimate option to fetch the trending topics for the audience at each and every stage of marketing channel. Marketers can make the best use of these tools to curate and create compelling content that enhances their brand reach.

5. Predictive Lead Scoring

Predictive Intelligence is another factor where AI has its vital existence. It enables businesses to lead the marketing world by understanding customer behavior. Predictive lead scoring allows market professionals to increase the ROI by discovering which customers are perfect to convert, depending on their previous behaviors and marketing history.

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