Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Technologies That Are Presently Dominating

The artificial intelligence has now become the vital part of our lives and is deeply changing the various aspects of our day to day routine. No matter whether you are sitting at home, working in an office or simply driving the car, you will be definitely accompanied by the AI-powered gadgets. Such gadgets are nowadays attaining all hype and attention. Let us know some prominent artificial technologies that are greatly dominating currently and will certainly rule the future market as well.

  1. Natural Language Generation

This is the perfect AI sub-discipline that is used to convert data into text. Natural Language Generation allows computers to communicate ideas with more accuracy. It is basically used in customer service to create market reports and summaries.

  1. Speech Recognition

Now there are various systems and mobile apps that easily recognize human language and transcribe the same into machine language. Currently, this technology is used in voice-response interactive devices like Alexa and mobile applications like Google Translate.

  1. Chatbots and Virtual Agents

For 24*7 service support, you have to no longer hire any representative to respond to customer queries. The virtual agents are the best example of AI technologies that facilitate you with the advanced chatbot system to communicate with the customers

  1. Machine Learning Platforms

Machine learning is the part of computer science and a major branch of Artificial Intelligence. Its aim is to build such techniques that enable computers to learn and make them incredibly intelligent.

  1. Cyber Defense

Cyber defense is a mechanism that detects, prevents and provides security against the attacks or threats to information and infrastructure. AI is now greatly preferred to reduce the data security accidents.

  1. Digital Twin/AI Modeling

Digital Twin is ultimate software that fills the gap between the digital world and physical system. These are greatly used in companies which tend to make their system digitalized one.

  1. Biometrics

This AI technology enables more natural interactions between machines and humans. It identifies, analyzes and measures the physical aspects of the human body’s structure and form. It recognizes the human touch, speech, and image and interacts accordingly.

  1. Image Recognition

AI technology is also used to diagnose disease, detect license plates, and identify the client simply by recognizing the image. All these are possible with the AI-powered image recognition technique.

  1. Emotion Recognition

The AI technology has now evolved to the extent where it could read the emotions on the human face as well. With the advanced image processing technique, it can capture the micro-expression expressed by humans and execute accordingly.

  1. Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is another factor that greatly depicts the significance of AI in this business world. It allows marketers to raise their brand value by improving the user engagement and market reach. It uses software that executes various marketing strategies to lead the business world.

  1. Peer- to -Peer Networks

Now we are no more unfamiliar with the word cryptocurrency.  The ruling power behind the popularity of this is the peer-to-peer network which is the ultimate gift of AI. It is the perfect way of connecting and sharing resources from one network to another.


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