Client: Retail & Investment Bank
Application: Information Extraction
Scope: Image Processing
Tools/ Languages(s): Phython, OCR Engine, Spyder, HTML5


  • Extract information intelligently and automatically from various data sources available in form of images.
  •  Read characters/ words / sentences/ paragraphs from images
  • Reduce manual time required to read and extract text from images considerably.


  • Designed and developed automated Information Extraction engine to extract text from various kind of images.
  •  Supports wide array of images for processing like, jpg/ png/ bmp etc…
  • Reduced manual need to scan through the images to extract meaningful text embedded in them.
  • Support text extraction from PAN card/ Passport/ Adhaar card/ Driving licence/ Education mark sheets and certificates and professional experience letters.


  • System that takes images as input and churn out the information embedded as text in the images.
  • Significantly reducing manual time and dependency.