Client wants to end their dependencies on Windows server for CRM software and wants to it access it out of the office network without paying an extra penny. A client was also focusing to reduce maintenance infrastructure cost.


We had to choose a cheap OS platform to reduce the cost of infrastructure maintenance, run CRM software by using this infrastructure and also allow access to external clients without buying extra public IP.

The client also doesn’t want to share an external access method for the internal user.


Our first task was to choose OS to run the CRM.  After reviewing the whole scenario we had decided to choose Suse Server as an OS.

After implementing the server our next task was to providing access to this server to external users i.e.  ‘A person can access this server from outside the office’. So we decided to bind private IP of CRM server with modem IP having a unique port number.

We configured only incoming port forwarding rule on the firewall. The reason behind this was to make it separately accessible for internal and external users and it also helps to respond fast for user`s query.

Now whenever external user hit the modem IP with the port number, Modem forward their request to CRM server.


Now the client can access the CRM server separately with Public and Private IP. The cost has been also reduced after using the Suse server.