Monitor your vehicles and other valuable movable assets from a remote location on a map, get notified on your smartphone app when things go wary, and receive trip summaries at the end of a journey with the app.


  • Fetch real-time data of fleets
  • Customized reports from information
  • Manage multiple fleets on map
  • On-board Diagnostic


  • Asynchronous communication: To acquire and display at the same time. We Uses an asynchronous mode of data transmission to continuously fetch real time data
  • Third party library: To maintain a continuous stream of incoming data, store a vast amount of data, bifurcate the data to show comprehensible reports, we used a third-party library.
  • Fleet Filter: For space-constrained smartphones, displaying a single fleet was already a challenge, so we added the option to filter fleets for a particular range for application user


The app is compatible with a wide range of connect, plug ‘n play OBD2 devices. Just plug the device to the socket in your vehicle, download and link the app and you’re good to go.