Nowadays, RPA or Robotic Process automation is gaining higher fame as it aids organizations to accomplish digital transmutation. To evolve use-cases, control pilot projects, and executing tools, businesses are competing. There is haste to accelerate digital ventures and get outcomes quickly as many RPA tools are available.

To transmute the organization’s ecosystem, we assist in integrating the technologies such as Artificial intelligence and learning of machine with RPA. We improve scalability and productivity and diminish the operational expenses by implanting intelligent automation in the client’s organization with our RPA consulting assistance.

RPA is integrating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with software to manage the tasks which are repeatable and high volume that earlier required human efforts. Functions that are performed are inquiries, estimations, sustenance of account, and performance.

Instead of being a part of an organization’s IT framework, Robotic Process Automation lies above it. RPA software allows an organization to execute the technology effectively and promptly without making any changes in the current framework and models

Few of the best applications of RPA are as follows:-

  • Client assistance: RPA aids by automating contact center tasks, thus offering better customer service. These tasks inculcate canned document uploading, e-signatures verification, and information verification for the approval or rejections automatically.
  • Accounting: For making budgets, costs incurred for operational and general work, and creating reports related to transactions, RPA can be used.
  • Financial services: To manage audit requests and process the insurance claims, RPA can be used by the organizations providing financial services. These companies also use RPA to make foreign exchange payments and even for opening and closing accounts automatically.
  • Healthcare: With RPA, many medical companies maintain patient records, bills, accounts, and customer feedback. Also, claims, reports, and analytics can be handled with RPA.
  • Human resources: For maintaining the records of the employee, RPA can be used. It can even automate tasks such as onboarding the employee information, timesheet submission method, and offboarding th employee information.
  • Supply chain management: RPA can help organizations in procurement, keeping track of inventory, and shipment. It can also be used for processing orders and payments.
  • Enhanced Commercial Outcomes

    RPA, with the help of Artificial Intelligence, improves the commercial results, which is one of the best tools for businesses to reduce the costs incurred.

  • Reduced Costs and operational Risks

    RPI is responsible for diminishing the cost incurred in businesses by reducing the human resources cost. With the help of artificial intelligence, it also reduces errors when manual efforts were involved. These errors are called operational risks in technical terms, hence reduced by adopting RPA.

  • Reduced Paper Use/Waste to Decrease Output Variability

    Mechanical Process Automation likewise assists with diminishing e-waste, and it’s one of the top business advantages of RPA. Mechanical Process Automation additionally decreases yield fluctuation. Guile is one reason to get an erroneous yield. Human-made consciousness application alongside Robotic Process Automation manages yield inconstancy improved Employee

  • Engagement with Better Customer Experience

    Worker Engagement and Customer Experience are the two perspectives that are the most vital for any organization. Mechanical Process Automation ventures are answerable for some exercises like using significant advances, recovering information, and so forth. Client Experience is additionally one of the vital focal points of RPA, which are a lot of basic for organizations. There are hardly any models that mirror that client experience can be improved while utilizing RPA devices regarding Artificial Intelligence.

  • Doesn’t Require New IT Infrastructure

    On the off chance that any endeavor is picking Robotic Process Automation apparatuses, at that point, it isn’t needed to embrace and execute any new IT framework. It is perhaps the best advantage of mechanical cycle mechanization selection. Other computerization arrangements are not giving these highlights. This is the reason Robotic Process Automation is not the same as others.

  • Flexibility and Simplicity

    One of the top business advantages of RPA is that you don’t need to compose codes. Nobody needs to have programming information for learning RPA instruments. It likewise gives adaptability to the clients regarding moving from some other area to RPA. You can even exchange any intricate cycle to the machine with some little exertion.

  • Removes Client’s Pain Points

    One of the significant advantages of RPA is it eliminates focuses which different volatiles terms of big business organizations. It upgrades the experience of clients for all intents and purposes and eliminates the problem areas. If we talk about traditional culture in a record book, it isn’t easy to track down specific data in a brief timeframe length. Be that as it may, with the utilization of Robotic Process Automation instruments, it is straightforward to play out these errands and even considerably more unpredictable assignments.


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Our Offerings


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    RPA Strategy & Feasibility Assessment

    We help you to comprehend and distinguish measures that need robotization. When we enhance profitability and FTE, we plan the guide for computerization rollout. Our RPA specialists, at that point, recognize the privilege of RPA and OCR instruments lastly present you with computerization PoCs.

  • Managed-services

    Evidence of Concept

    The motivation behind “evidence of idea” shows how rapidly we can consolidate the BOTS into one of the cycles recently recognized in the Fit-Gap Analysis utilizing Sandbox Execution, Rapid turn of events, Testing.

  • Infrastructure

    RPA Implementation (BOT Creation and Deployment)

    We plan and create bots. We are utilizing AI, ML, and psychological administrations to measure mechanization. Our RPA specialists, at that point, organize work processes and administration, .and rollout approval. At last, we help you in scaling business congruity.

  • Service-desk

    Computerization Design

    Our computerization Specialists help you to plan manual cycles that require mechanization.
    We, at That point, distinguish intercession models to be applied. After preparing the Robotization design, we will build up a custom structure to be actualized.

  • Endpoint-management

    Backing and Management

    Amartam offers AMS (Application Management Services) to take the total responsibility for automated cycle execution, including framework and framework, uphold BOT Management, BOT Monitoring, BOT Optimization, Risk Management, Opportunity Discovery, Continuous improvement.

  • Applications-1

    Information Hub/RPA Capability Building

    Our RPA arrangement specialists with their area ability combined with RPA instrument information can direct association with Best Practices, Change Management, Process documentation, RPA designer preparing and tutoring, RPA affirmation for Engineers, Design of inward Center of Excellence.



Our vertical solutions expertise allows your business to streamline workflow, and increase productivity. No matter the business, Amartam has you covered with industry compliant solutions.

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Our vertical solutions expertise allows your business to streamline workflow, and increase productivity. No matter the business, Amartam has you covered with industry compliant solutions, customized to your company’s specific needs.


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    Robotics as a service

    Amartam delivers a platform for process automation that allows clients to leverage industry-leading robotics technologies at lightning speed, without the complexity and cost normally expected.

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    Global Expertise

    Amartam has the reach and expertise to deploy APA at enterprise scale, in various industries around the world. APA is backed by more than 1,000 automation experts who have deployed more than 700 robots across global delivery centers.

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    Breadth of Capability

    In addition to a robotics platform, Amartam offers process discovery capabilities, advisory services and a dedicated automation factory to address all of a client’s robotic automation needs.

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    Hybrid Digital Workforce

    Amartam’s solution unlocks access to virtually unlimited robot capacity, which can be used to address seasonal or unpredictable transaction peaks.

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    Engagement approach

    Amartam listens to clients to address their business needs. We put clients at the forefront, aligning robotic strategy to clients’ business strategies and outcome goals.

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    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    We want you to be completely satisfied with our services. We will do whatever it takes to make you happy. No hassles, no problems.

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